Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spotlight on Mt. Angelus

This 1927 French Chateau Style home was brough back to life by Gregg Logg. Gregg has painstakingly restored this fine residence in Mt. Angelus through the interior and exterior restoration. Most of the original features are still intact in the house, including the stone fireplace, iron and metal sconces, window & door hand forged hardware, as well as stained glass windows, oak flooring and the distinctive barrel roof. Many of he original windows had begun to be replaced with vinyl by a previous owner, but Gregg removed those and replaced them with proper wooden windows. The original light fixtures are also a sight to see as they are also intact. The main room has a beautiful wrought iron chandelier that is original to the room. One of the distinctive characteristics of the front exterior is the 1920's winding upward staircase that needed attention as a stairway railing had been altered and fell in disrepair only to be appropriately replaced by Gregg.
This decision and many others by Gregg Logg helped bring back a return to the original character of the house. The exterior landscaping was also considered and redone to integrate with the architecture and functions as a continuum of the original character of this Frenxh Countryside-Style home. There is even a wine cellar in the basement of the house. The kitchen and bathrooms have been updated with brand new plumbing and fixtures as well as high quality materials chosen for the floor and counter tops. White marble was used for all the surface counters in both the bathrooms and kitchen. The finishes are of high level in both material and execution.Gregg also bought the home across the street on Outlook Avenue and Garrison Drive so he could also do a complimentary restoration on that adjacent property to reflect and showcase the careful work of the 6118 Garrison Drive residence. The second home is also 1927 but it is a Spanish-Colonial style home. This restoration of this residence is not complete yet. But it is already apparent that the high level of restoration on both these homes has set a new mark of quality execution and finish as a gateway to Mt. Angelus. In other words, Mr. Logg's restoration work is a shining example of empowering the notion that one home or several home restorations on a street, can bring up an entire block of homes not at the same level of maintenance or finish.
(Text by Tina Gulotta-Miller)

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