Monday, June 1, 2009

Gold Line is Old Line!

Old photographs are wonderful windows into the past. We often forget what came before and take for granted what we have. Not too long ago, before the Metro Gold Line went in, Marmion Way had two lines of transit running side-by-side. The Santa Fe Railroad and the "Yellow" Car. The Yellow Electric Car was part of the L.A.R.Y. (Los Angeles Railway). The photo below shows the W line and the Locomotive trains travelling concurrently.
For those of you who take the Gold Line from Mt. Washington, you most likely park on this stretch of road near the Southwest Museum station. Look at how it was in the 50s.


  1. Blogging tip:

    Give photo credits. Alan Weeks has been taking these photos for over 50 years and should get a little praise, even if permission isn't asked.